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Cyclofluidic is using CyclOps™, its proprietary closed-loop structure activity platform, to revolutionise hit and lead optimisation.

CyclOps™ connects chemistry, purification/analysis, screening and compound design with complex algorithms allowing drug lead molecules to be assayed within minutes, rather than weeks, after they are designed. When combined with the power of flow chemistry, developed in the labs of Prof Steve Ley at Cambridge University, our unique approach puts synthesis, screening and molecular design firmly back together in a single laboratory allowing fast iterative exploration of vast areas of diverse chemical space.


Case Study

Read how Cyclofluidic used the CyclOps™ platform with our partners to discover novel and potent Abl1 inhibitors with broad mutant activity

Who we work with

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Leveraging our decades of big pharma experience to solve medicinal chemistry problems

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BioTech Companies

Using our strength and depth in pharmaceutical chemistry to generate chemical matter IP in innovative risk sharing partnerships

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Not for Profit

Exploiting the built in drug discovery knowledge in the CyclOps™ platform to help solve global health challenges