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Vision & Future

Cyclofluidic has a vision of revolutionising discovery, solving medicinal chemistry problems at speed, through integration of flow chemistry, purification, screening and design in a true closed loop. We are aiming to:

  • Become the partner of choice with the pharmaceutical, biotech and not-for-profit drug discovery
  • Translate our passion for drug discovery into pre-clinical molecules with the highest chance of becoming innovative medicines
  • Impact on drug discovery through our innovation in science and business
  • Develop partnerships with our collaborators, leveraging the CylOps™ platform to solve medicinal chemistry problems at speed


  • Using our real world drug discovery experience and innovative technology to solve problems in the early drug discovery pipeline
  • Continuing to invest in the CylOps™ research platform to provide learning and improvement for all current and future partners.
  • Working in close partnership with collaborators, respecting confidentiality and focusing on delivery of key results within agreed timelines.
  • Delivering the highest quality data and results

We are:

  • Honest and open, respecting our colleagues and partners both internally and in our collaborations
  • Innovative in both what we do and how we operate
  • Fast and flexible in the way we work and solve problems