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Our Technology

Our revolutionary approach to lead discovery is:

  • Miniaturised : we only make enough to screen, minimising reagent costs and maximising chemical space
  • Highly automated: our platform runs overnight and over the weekend designing, making and screening drug molecules 24 hours a day
  • Interactive: structure activity relationship data can be monitored in real time allowing the creativity of the medicinal chemist to guide the design strategy
  • Expands coverage of chemistry space: our highly efficient process delivers quality screening data from reaction conversions as low as 3% - giving you access to cutting edge chemistry
  • Highly multiplexed: we can optimise SAR based on up to 4 biochemical assays plus measured and calculated physical properties – all in parallel and in real time
  • Generates data of the highest quality: we purify, quantify and analyse and QC every compound in real time
  • Highly scalable: found an interesting compound? We can scale to gram quantities in days using flow chemistry to enable your next study

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