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Agreement combines TRI-I TDI’s integrated academic research network and world class scientific teams with Cyclofluidic’s proprietary chemistry platform to identify novel small molecule compounds against Cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease and TB.

Welwyn Garden City, UK. 12th August 2015: Cyclofluidic Ltd., a leading small molecule drug discovery company, announced today they will utilize Cyclofluidic’s revolutionary CyclOps™ integrated technology to discover novel small molecule compounds against a range of high priority, disease-relevant targets identified by Tri-Institutional Therapeutic Discovery Institute (Tri-I TDI) researchers.

Dave Parry, Chief Operating Officer of Cyclofluidic Ltd., remarked: “We are excited by the opportunity to demonstrate the advantages of our CyclOps™ platform in accelerating the discovery projects within Tri-I TDI’s academic research network”. Brian Manning, VP of North American Business Development for Cyclofluidic Inc., added “Speed is of the essence in all aspects of modern drug discovery, and the Cyclofluidic platform’s ability to dramatically impact cycle time will be pivotal to advancing the new and important scientific breakthroughs of Tri-I TDI scientists.”

“Adding Cyclofluidic as a partner is another key step to drive the process of innovation and drug discovery here at Tri-I TDI in New York” said Mike Foley, Sanders Director of Tri-I TDI. He added “Combining our internal expertise at identifying and validating biological targets and elucidating mechanisms of complex disease, with Cyclofluidic’s powerful drug discovery platform will allow us to rapidly advance these projects into the clinic.”

The Cyclofluidic CyclOps™ platform is an innovative technology platform which directly integrates molecule synthesis with biochemical screening using an integrated machine learning algorithm to select molecules meeting the required criteria and to also allow 24/7 unattended operation. The Cyclofluidic team has shown that use of the platform reduces timelines for Hit to Lead Optimization by at least 50%, typically from over a year to less than 6 months, allowing molecules to progress into pre-clinical studies faster.


David M. Parry, PhD, Chief Operating Officer

Cyclofluidic Ltd.

BioPark, Welwyn Garden City

AL7 3AX, United Kingdom

info@cyclofluidic.co.uk www.cyclofluidic.co.uk @Cyclofluidic

About Cyclofluidic (www.cyclofluidic.co.uk)

Cyclofluidic Ltd is a platform technology company located in Welwyn Garden City, UK offering innovative collaborations in early drug discovery including Hit to Lead Optimization, tool compound discovery and patent landscape exploration. Cyclofluidic’s unique capabilities in early stage small molecule discovery provides its collaborators with the opportunity to rapidly advance their early stage drug discovery programs. Cyclofluidic was founded in 2008 with investment from pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and UCB alongside support from InnovateUK (www.innovateuk.org).

Posted by author Date 12/08/2015