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Meet the team

Dave Parry


Dave has over 17 years’ experience in pharmaceutical discovery within the biotech and biopharmaceutical industry at Celltech and Chiroscience and most recently as Director of Technology within research at UCB. Dave started his career as a medicinal chemist and has had an enduring interest in small molecule discovery technologies having been responsible for diverse discovery functions including high throughput chemistry, analytical chemistry and the computational chemistry. He is Cyclofluidic’s first employee and Chief Operating Officer.

Chris Selway


As Chief Technology Officer, Chris is responsible for the technology programme at Cyclofluidic. Chris joined Cyclofluidic in 2009 from Pfizer where he accumulated 26 years’ experience in pharmaceutical research. He brings considerable skills and knowledge in pharmaceutical discovery technology development and had been leading the development of a microfluidic synthesis-assay platform for hit to lead discovery within Pfizer. He has a broad knowledge and expertise in chemical technology development and modern organic synthesis techniques most recently focused on applying flow chemistry and microfluidic technologies to enhance the drug discovery process.